About Us

Evercool have been designing and manufacturing panels, doors and accessories for the temperature controlled environment for over five years. Evercool has moved to our own new production facility in Durbanville Cape since 2009. Evercool employs eighteen staff who are divided into the design team, production, fully trained installers, warehouse distributors, delivery drivers as well as a network of professional subcontractors.

Evercool has years of experience in satisfying customers and we pride ourselves on our friendly and efficient approach, whilst showing true commitment to after-sales service.

Our experience and technical resources have enabled us to create a range of thermally efficient panel systems to satisfy both new low temperature legislation and EEC hygiene regulations. Our fully trained personnel have many years experience in the construction of cold rooms and cold stores.

The combination of large ‘in house’ panel production capacity coupled with our specialist cold room design, production, and installation ensures Evercool customers receive quality products at very competitive costs, usually within 14 days.

The coldroom, coldstore or food safe environment will then be built on your site complete with or without refrigeration as per your requirements and backed up by a country wide team of dealers and professional refrigeration engineers.

Evercool panels are used in construction of food processing factories including the structure’s external wall linings and all the chill, freezer rooms and food processing areas. Our panels can be used for any hygienic food safe area as well as offices, rest rooms and toilets.

We have supplied numerous installations throughout South Africa and Namibia, and have been suppliers into most sub-Saharan African countries. No matter how large or small your scale of operation, we can provide you with a highly efficient cost effective solution for your business.