Evercool offer a range of doors, from personal access to, Fire Rated, Hinged and Sliding doors, each individually tailored to meet your requirements.

All Evercool doors are suitable for all applications where hygiene, temperature control and reliability are of paramount importance. Typically our doors are used on coldrooms, freezers, chillers, food processing areas, and food preparation areas. Evercool insulated doors are complete with either a Polystyrene approved core, Polyurethane approved core, or mineral wool core. Evercool doors have custom and proprietry door hardware, all components in stock and immediately available. All Evercool doors are made individually to meet your specific requirements and customers can be assured of a quality product at a competitive price, manufactured to a critical deadline. All doors are available supply only, or supply and installed.

Freezer / chiller , Sliding / hinged, Manual / electric , Overhead panel, Roller shutter, Personnel, PVC / Crash, Strip curtain, Track repair / replacement Door / strip curtain replacement, Insulated strip curtains, Kick plates, Door closers, Vision panels, Door frames and hinges, Door handles.


Evercool coldrooms are designed for keeping all foodstuffs at the correct temperature in a foodsafe environment. From +5c for fruits and vegetables down through +4c for game, +2c for general storage to 0/-2c for meats and fish, -18/-25c for frozen storage.

All Evercool coldrooms are made to measure therefore optimising the space available. There are no restrictions to your design requirements.

Due to the unique sectional manufacturing process Evercool coldrooms can easily be extended as your business grows.

Evercool coldrooms are delivered flat packed on our own transport, unloaded and assembled by our trained technicians, or supplied in a kit form.

Evercool coldrooms are fitted without refrigeration equipment enabling your local refrigeration company to install their preferred system. However we are able to supply the complete turnkey project.

Freestanding shelving, mobile racking, wall rails and ceiling rails can all be incorporated with the installation. A full, detailed survey is undertaken before manufacture.

Installation can be completed in a time frame suitable to your requirements.


Evercool specialises in the manufacturing of flashings for use in food processing industry and other temperature controlled environments.
Evercool can make to order virtually all applications either internal or external.
Evercool specialise in coldroom flashings, although only a small component, it is often the flashings which have the greatest impact on the overall appearance.
Paying close attention to detail can make a difference in the delivery of a well executed coldroom. It is essential that close attention is paid to the specification, manufacture and fixing of flashings.

Flashings can be made to order in Chromodek, galvanised, aluminium and stainless steel.

For the fabrication of flashings, there are a number of things to remember. It is important to specify the following:

Girth (width).



Colour side to be identified

Thickness (e.g. 0.5 mm)

Safety edges

A sketch of flashing shape (profile) including dimensions, angles, colour-coated surfaces, welts.

Sheets available are Chromodek, Galvanised, 5 Bar Aluminium, Stainless.

Stores Items:

  • Rivets, Screws, Silicone.
  • Door components
  • Polyurethane 2 part adhesive
  • Polyurethane 2 part foam
  • Door gaskets and bolt covers
  • Lengths Supplied:
  • Widths 1220.
  • Flat sheet metal 2450
  • All cappings 2450 long